Help Ramsey Lose 600 Pounds

  and Walk 6000 Miles

  ... and we'll help you

  • Become more trim and fit
  • Learn about healthy eating
  • Enjoy the health benefits of walking
  • Find healthy recreation
  • Make new friends
  • Discover good recipes
  • Become more mindful with yoga
  • Lift your spirits
  • Feel part of a great community

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 We're really moving along!

We made it to Charlotte, North Carolina in just a few days and then made the quick hop to Augusta, Georgia (about 816 miles).  We're now nearing New Orleans and we should be there just after the weekend.  Great work!  And we even had some pretty unfriendly walking weather.  Remember to enter your miles for the week on Saturday. To meet our goal, we need to travel, on average, 600 miles a week.  

Evening Weigh-in Hours Added

In response to requests from participants with long work hours and commutes, we've extended our weigh-in times.  We now have Monday nights at the senior center from 7-9 PM and Monday nights  at Eastwick College from 8-9 PM.

Saturday Community Walks Cancelled

We had scheduled--and looked forward to--community walks in three different Bergen County parks.   We were informed, however,  that we would need a permit for such walks at a cost of $75 per park.  We have no budget-- so no organized walks.  However, these are lovely parks and we encourage you as individuals and smaill groups to enjoy what they have to offer.  And remember to count the miles..  

Remember the Holiday Hurdle

Healthy eating is not incompatible with holidays--it's just sometimes difficult.  It helps to be mindful.  Remember to keep portions small.  Choose fruits and nuts instead of cookies and candies.  Go heavy on green vegetables (forget mashed potatoes and gravy).  Choose the whole grain alternative.  Look for salsa instead of a  sour cream or cream cheese dip.  If the holiday table is a buffet--go to the other side of the room.   Allow yourself a small treat. . Enjoy family and friends.




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